PMI Serbia Chapter Assembly

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Today the Annual Meeting of PMI Chapter Members of Serbia was held and with great pleasure we announce the results from all the voting that took place in the last couple of weeks.

We managed to:

  1. Adopt the Association’s 2020 Performance Report
  2. Adopt the Association’s Work Plan and Budget for 2021
  3. Adopt the new Bylaws of our Association, adapted to comply with the latest PMI requirements

And most importantly the newly elected Board of Directors joined the meeting and introduced themselves to the Chapter Community.

The new Board of Directors is:

  • President – Marija Jokić
  • Vice President – Igor Peško
  • Director for Professional Development – Miloš Puzić
  • Director of Finance and Administration – Dušan Mitrić
  • Director for Membership and Promotions – Maša Milenković
  • Director for Relations with Professional Organizations – Vladan Pantović

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