KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jack Milner – United Kingdom

Business facilitator, Key-note speaker, Comedy writer, Director for the West End, film, and radio, Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently (WDTD)

Presentation 1: “Kapow! Stories of Penguins.” – Public Speaking

The 21st century is noisy place. So how do we get heard and remembered when we’re surrounded by Youtube, Facebook, TED talks and celebrity all screaming for attention? in the last 20 years our ability to absorb information has massively diminished   – and no wonder!
If you want to make people interested – you need to stand out. You need to have KAPOW! Welcome to the world of purple cows and penguins in dresses.


Presentation 2:  Personal GrowthBetter Communication.

Good communication skills are the key to personal growth and success in everything you do. Through the medium of improvisation follow Jack’s 5 steps to helping you grow as business person, communicator and human being.


Workshop 1: “It’s Not What You Say, It’s The Way That You Do It.” – Body Language in Business

Is for everyone who wants to enhance their own communication and improve how they are perceived by others in both their professional and personal lives and their everyday communication. Learn how to understand others better and to express yourself more confidently and effectively.


Workshop 2: Challenger Stories / Story Telling

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. —Robert McKee
Stories are all around us. They are what move us, make us feel alive, and inspire us. Yet most of us are used to the business-as-usual approach to communicating ideas, looking for PowerPoint bullet lists or Word documents. What happens if we move beyond business-as-usual, inspiring and challenging the listener, by harnessing the energy of the well-told story?


Brief Bio
Jack enjoys simultaneous careers as a business facilitator, key-note speaker, director and comedy writer. He has over 20 year’s experience helping organizations and individuals articulate and memorably communicate their ideas. His approach to communication coaching is very different. “Skills learnt from the world of stand-up comedy and improvisation mean fresh, natural and compelling communication…” says Jack. “…helping audiences understand complex stories.” As director for the West End, film, and radio, Jack knows how to take often dry, technical information and render it clear and memorable, no matter who the audience. His experience of working with top comedians, theatre and Soap stars means he is also unlikely to be phased by stressed out executives.

Jack is also the Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently (WDTD), a cultural change practice, staffed by people who are aren’t just successful entrepreneurs and business people, and they’re also independently successful artists, performers and writers. WDTD have a deep understanding of what will engage people on an emotional level to embrace new challenges as well as what it takes to continually re-enforce a culture of creativity. The company is based in London but works internationally.

In another life, Jack ran comedy workshops for The National Theatre, Channel 4 and ITV amongst many others. He has run over 1,200 comedy, improvisation and stand up workshops and seen an assortment of over 15,000 comedians, wannabe comedians and even don’t wannabe comedians. In Malcolm Gladwell terms, he has done his 10,000 hours.



KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: “Kapow! Stories of Penguins.” – Public Speaking
13:00  -  14:00
WORKSHOP: Challenger Stories / Story Telling
16:30  -  17:30
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Personal Growth. Better Communication.
11:00  -  12:00
WORKSHOP: “It’s Not What You Say, It’s The Way That You Do It.” – Body Language in Business
15:00  -  17:00