Dr Martin Stefan Thomas – Austria

Chief Operating Officer at Addiko Bank AG

Presentation: Leadership in Banking Digital Transformation

Research shows that legacy banks can develop gradually into a “digital-everywhere organization”. To successfully kickstart and master such evolution it is important to create a nucleus of digital natives that has full support from the management board / C-level of an organization. In the case of Addiko Bank such nucleus was successfully established as the DCC (Digital Competence Center) in Belgrade.

To attract the right talent into an established organization and gradually transform the whole organization leveraging such nucleus, it is important to define a clear employer brand. This needs to be complemented with an attractive employee value proposition, reflecting on “generation Y”, and an effective talent management.

With regard to digitalization, important aspects include the full integration of channels, thinking processes always “end-to-end”, an agile development approach, the importance of ecosystems and strategic partners, and last but not least, the definition of appropriate KPI’s.


Brief Bio
Dr. Martin Thomas, Group Chief Operating Officer of Addiko Bank AG is responsible for all departments related to operations and IT of the group. Furthermore, Mr. Thomas drives the restructuring program to reduce the cost base as a key lever to achieve break-even for the banking Group while simultaneously improving the stability and significantly enhancing the quality of the operating platform. This includes the digital banking capabilities, where the bank is implementing a state-of-the art digital offering. In summary, Mr. Thomas` scope of functions plays an important part in operating based on the “one bank five countries” approach in the South-East European region and in differentiating Addiko Bank Group from its local competitors.

Professional Experience: Addiko Bank since 2015 , Assicurazioni Generali, J.P. MORGAN, XCHANGING, DEUTSCHE BANK, MCKINSEY & Co



Leadership in Banking Digital Transformation
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