Branislav Vujović – Austria

President of New Frontier Group

Presentation: Leadership in Digital Projects

Digital is all around us and strongly influences our private, social and business life. Every project needs to take into account changes that are brought by the digital economy. This is threat and opportunity. It is crucial to understand digital and the values that the digital economy brings in order to embrace the digital opportunity and defend from the threats. The first part is discussion about why digital and what are the business changes brought by the digital economy. Information as new main resource. What is value of information and why it is important? Impact of inside out and outside in data and view on business. How companies are valued today and why intangible assets have main impact on the value. The second part will discuss how to understand the new values and how to use them to drive digital projects. What and how to create value using innovation, products or business models. What is difference between optimization and creating digital value with new business models? The third part is about understanding changes in organization based on digital and how to adjust to them. Digital talents are key for transformation and for successful implementation of projects and the first step must be to properly understand value that digital economy offers.


Brief Bio
Branislav Vujović is the founder and president of New Frontier Group. New Frontier Group was established in 2006 and today, with 2400 highly qualified employees, is the leader in helping companies to embrace opportunity of the digital economy in Central and Eastern Europe. Mr. Vujović, beside overall responsibility for the group, is leading investor relationship, M&A and group strategy with special focus on innovation and digital transformation. Mr. Vujović is focusing on subject of the digital revolution and impact on industrial enterprises especially on digital business model and innnovation.  He is regularly speaking on conferences and panels and publishing articles about digital economy and is author and moderator of the TV show about Digital economy. He is teaching Digital Business Models at IEDC School in Bled, Slovenia and in PwC Academy in SEE. Before New Frontier Group Mr. Vujović was managing strong growth of two multinational companies in Central and Eastern Europe: from 2000 to 2006 EMC as Area Manager and from 1986 to 2000 Computer Associates (CA) as Senior Vice President.

He has IT background: he graduated from the University of Belgrade at Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

He is married and proud father of two daughters.



Leadership in Digital Projects
09:30  -  10:30