President of New Frontier Group
Presentation:  Leadership in Digital Projects
Business facilitator, Key-note speaker, Comedy writer, Director for the West End, film, and radio, Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently (WDTD)
Presentation 1:   “Kapow! Stories of Penguins.” - Public Speaking;  Presentation 2:  Personal Growth. Better Communication; Workshop 1:  “It’s Not What You Say, It’s The Way That You Do It.” - Body Language in Business; Workshop 2: Challenger Stories / Story Telling
Chief Executive Officer at NLB Banka Belgrade
Presentation:  Leadership is Not About Climbing a Corporate Ladder
PMI Central Europe Region Mentor, Program/Project Manager and Servant Leader, Writer, Speaker
Presentation: Talent Management; Workshop:  Servant Leadership – Creating a Circle of Safety for the Team Inside Your Project
CEO at Trizma Neuro, The University of Sheffild
Presentation:  Brain Leadership: Use Neuroscience to Create Real Engagement!
PMI Singapore Chapter, Co-Founder & Executive of ESAA Entrepreneurship Incubator
Presentation: Are You Ready to Be a Leader?; Workshop:  Rethinking Project Management
Chief Operating Officer at Addiko Bank AG
Presentation:  Leadership in Banking Digital Transformation
Honourable President of PMI Serbia Capter, Business Operations Director at DXC Technology
Presentation:  Leading to Stop Bleeding
Project Manager and Trainer
Workshop: Integritet - Izazovi realnih situacija
Senior HR Consultant, NLP Trainer and Business Coach
Workshop: Stress Management & Procrastination
Director, HR Consultant, and Blanchard Serbia
Presentation: Shared Leadership – Efficient Management of Project Team
HR Consultant, and Blanchard Serbia
Workshop: Situational Leadership